Celebrity and historic figure doppelgangers

I have this crack theory that the genetic material that determines human appearance has a finite number of possible arrangements, thus resulting in doppelgangers.

That or they’re vampires.

or genetics

Or all of these people were Companions at some point…


I hate the way I’m feeling
The feelings I have for you
It sucks

Because you don’t see it
I like you so much
But your blind to my feelings

I fell for you
Because of who you are

I liked how when you would get shy you would do the most cutest grin
I liked how when you wouldn’t try act cool and can be nerdy with me
I liked the way we are when together

I know you think your not beautiful
But you are
I know you think your not weak
But you are the strongest person I met
I know you think your alone
But your not because I’m right here

If you were to let me into your world I can show you that.
But that will never happen
Because to you I’m just another friend to you

Watch out for I am Hercules

I listen to all the words you say
and it hits me like tornado
It hurts me
But apparently my feelings aren’t worth a thing

So I sit here playing my cards
as I go along
Waiting for your mistake so that day
I will do to you what you did to me

You Think I’m weak
i may look weak now
But wait!
For I am Hercules
And I will conquer you..hades

I have the strength of Hercules
I have the brains of athena
And the stare of madusa

So watch out because you will make mistake one day
And that’s day I will get you
I may look weak
But don’t worry for I will become strong

So watch out hades