Explain to me

You know how far I take words
Yet you sit there
Getting at me like you don’t care

It was once said “nothing is thicker than blood”
As I look at our situation
Blood is the thinnest thing I see

You want me to do it
Don’t you?!
One less problem to worry about one less life to care for
Its okay I understand

I guess I ain’t worth the stress over
I get it no need to explain

See it just eats me that our blood wasn’t thick enough for you

You see my tears, my scars, my pain, & my feelings
As a joke

But its not
You don’t see the action between your words

But what I want to know is
what was it
Was it the fact I am a disappointment to you Or the fact I can’t sit here and say your right for everything you did

See just because you placed me in this world
Does not mean that everything you do or say to me is right
Does not mean you can force me to think a way
Does not mean you can bring me into this world to push me so far to end it
Does not mean you can constantly push me down and gang on my whenever your in a bad mood

See I’m not your punching bag
Stop using me as a way to get some frustration out

You say I’m dumb
You say I’m too sensitive
You say I’m a disappointment
You say I’m the next sully

But that’s where your wrong because I’m
I’m Ashley and there is a difference between Ashley and Sully

Ashley sits here and let’s you constantly put her down and holds in her tears
Sully starts to cry and runs away

Ashley never gives up on you
Sully quit within a second

Ashley never left you
Sully left and never came back

So never call me sully
For I am Ashley
And only Ashley

Life is a ocean
You start off in this huge place
And at first it seems like a magnificent place
But then you start to get older
And we’ll that is happening you realize that life might not be all smiles
You are gonna have people who don’t want you alive and others that do
But you see that’s life for you
Through the craziness of life that happens on a daily basis
There still will be beauty beneath the craziness
Whether its the beautiful sunset that reflects on the ocean, the treasures that u see in the water, or the people that care for you the most
Most say life be way better living in the ocean without a care in the world just to swim
But that’s a lie
You see the ocean is no different
Because you still have to deal with things like you would deal with in real life
Such as dealing with the people that don’t like you, finding a place to live, be able to get food to live, deal with fishermen who want to catch you for dinner, and the population that is eventually going to kill the magnificent views.
You think there’s a huge difference but the isn’t.
Maybe this is why I’m afraid of the ocean

Be strong my little soldier

Look at the world my little soldier
This world is rough, tried, and abused
It needs much care and love
You can live throughout this depressing society
Just close your eyes to the judgement and the harmful words of others

Dry those tears my little soldier
Because you’ll be the greatest person there is
They judge you because they lack what you have
They may think there the winners of this war

But you wipe that paint on your face
Load your weapons and your gear
For there will a better day
You are my little soldier which makes you different from them all

See you have a gift like no other
The gift to see, to live, and to be greatest person alive
You can see the goodness in everything
You can live with freedom, bravery, danger, love, and strength.
You are the greatest person alive

You are my little soldier


I hate the way I’m feeling
The feelings I have for you
It sucks

Because you don’t see it
I like you so much
But your blind to my feelings

I fell for you
Because of who you are

I liked how when you would get shy you would do the most cutest grin
I liked how when you wouldn’t try act cool and can be nerdy with me
I liked the way we are when together

I know you think your not beautiful
But you are
I know you think your weak
But you are the strongest person I met
I know you think your alone
But your not because I’m right here

If you were to let me into your world I can show you that.
But that will never happen
Because to you I’m just another friend to you

Watch out for I am Hercules

I listen to all the words you say
and it hits me like tornado
It hurts me
But apparently my feelings aren’t worth a thing

So I sit here playing my cards
as I go along
Waiting for your mistake so that day
I will do to you what you did to me

You Think I’m weak
i may look weak now
But wait!
For I am Hercules
And I will conquer you..hades

I have the strength of Hercules
I have the brains of athena
And the stare of madusa

So watch out because you will make mistake one day
And that’s day I will get you
I may look weak
But don’t worry for I will become strong

So watch out hades